12 July 2019

Market opportunities and state support for exporters

On July 12, 2019, the managing partner of SBS Consulting, Vladimir Samokhvalov, took part in an expert discussion on the topic: “Analytics for exporters: needs of companies, market opportunities and state support”, organized by the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation together with the Russian Export Center.
As part of the discussion, modern analytical tools to support exports in Russia, plans for their development and ways to improve them were discussed, and the impact of analytical support on export development was discussed.

8 July 2019

Russian car market predicts recession

SBS Consulting experts commented on the reasons for the decline of the Russian car market.

1 July 2019

Experts of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry discussed the main priorities of the state economic policy of Russia

Managing partner of SBS Consulting, Vladimir Samokhvalov, presented the results of research and surveys of owners and managers of industrial enterprises on the main priorities and actions of the authorities of the Russian Federation to ensure rapid growth of industrial production, formulated the main ideas for transforming state economic policies to ensure sustainable economic growth.


6 June 2019

Competitive Sales Leader

June 6, 2019, SBS Consulting fought for the title “Leader of Competitive Sales” at the annual All-Russian Forum “Supplier Day” - a professional competition for companies participating in corporate and government procurement. This year the fight in the nominations was particularly hot - 440 companies from all over Russia tried to achieve success. Each application was carefully evaluated by high-level experts. SBS Consulting was awarded a diploma nominee forum.

5 June 2019

Round table on the topic “Financial modeling: features of different industries”

Denis Khairetdinov, Project Manager at SBS Consulting, took part in a roundtable on “Financial Modeling: Features of Different Industries”, organized by the NES Career and Leadership Center. Denis spoke about the features of financial modeling in strategic consulting.

3 June 2019

SBS Consulting Alumni Interview

SBS Consulting Alumni Alexey Dolgov, Head of the Project Efficiency Department of the State Corporation Roscosmos, described in detail his professional path and outlined the essential criteria for success in consulting.