Marketing research

Leader: Irina Rebrova
Irina Rebrova, Executive Director of SBS Consulting, spoke about why the prices for marketing research are so different, how to correctly form the terms of reference and choose a contractor to conduct a research.

Elaboration of a business development strategy with the participation of a consulting company

Leader: Vladimir Samokhvalov
The process of developing a strategy. How to plan an approach to strategy development? How to organize the team? Where to start with strategy development? Vladimir Samokhvalov, Managing partner of the Russian consulting company SBS Consulting, shared his experience in this interview.

Development of industrial strategies

Leader: Oleg Sutirin
Oleg Sutyrin, a partner at SBS Consulting, spoke about the specifics of developing industrial strategies. What is the relationship between industrial strategies and the strategies of companies operating in the industry? How do companies take into account the industrial strategy in their corporate strategy? Are there uniform requirements for the structure of industrial documents?

Optimization and reengineering of business processes

Leader: Ekaterina Shipilova
Ekaterina Shipilova, Director of SBS Consulting, and Klim Kostyuchenko, Senior Consultant at SBS Consulting, spoke about the specifics of business process optimization and reengineering projects. Which companies could benefit from such projects? What is the difference between "optimization" and "reengineering" of business processes? How to plan the project? What trends should be taken into account?