There are several stages of selection for candidates:

To prepare for the interview, we recommend studying the cases with our experts on the YouTube channel for candidates

We pay special attention to the selection of consultants, as they are responsible for result of work and materials provided to the Client

Candidates are subject to several stages of selection


Primary screening

We review all resumes sent to us and invite successful candidates for the first face-to-face selection stages for our office


HR interview and testing

All candidates undergo a basic interview with an HR specialist and subsequent testing for basic knowledge of finance and economics, as well as the ability to solve business cases. Based on the results of the initial interview and the points received for the test, a decision is made on the candidate's participation in further interviews


Professional interviews

Depending on your intended position, from one to three interviews with Project Managers and Partners will be conducted with you


Job Offer

Upon successful completion of all the previous stages, you will be sent letter from offer and details of possible employment.