Machine building sector is in a diffucult position at the moment. On one hand, machinery companies face cost hikes due to increase of tariffs from natural monopolies and payroll inflation. On the other, liberalization of trade opened borders to international competition, which puts pressure on prices. Operating effectiveness becomes a critical requirement for sustained development as well as a bet on innovative products, demanded by consumers.

SBS Consulting consultants have accumulated considerable experience in supporting companies in industries in the following areas:

  • Market analysis and demand forecasting on a by-product level

    We have an in-depth understanding of industries-consumers of machinery products as well as their investment plans. It allows us to prioritize customer and product segments for various types of equipment, based on demand and defensibility from imported products.

  • Production modeling and organization of an effective investment process

    We have extensive experience in building production and financial models for enterprises. This allows us to calculate the cost of individual processing or production operations based on modeling technology parameters. Thus we can objectively and accurately calculate the cost of any output combinations. Such models become the basis for calculating the economic effects of investment projects and the basis for the formation of target KPIs, including non-financial KPIs of a lower level.

  • Operating effectiveness improvement

    Choice of the efficient technologies and equipment does not guarantee high efficiency of operations. The other component of success is an effective organization of interaction during the production processes, workflow management, purchases, and repairs. We are ready to assist our clients with improvement of operations. Together with the engagement of sector-specific technical experts we will analyse existing processes, define areas for improvement and develop technical and organizational solutions to boost operating effectiveness.