• Client

    Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

  • Background

    As a result of the start of implementation of federal environmental projects in Russia in 2018, the equipment market of the environmental engineering industry increased by 79% by the end of 2021 and reached 105.5 billion rubles. With such a significant growth in the market of environmental engineering products, the share of Russian-made equipment in this period was less than 30%. The current situation poses a threat to the impossibility of independently ensuring the environmental safety of the country

  • Situation

    During the analysis of the current state of the environmental engineering industry in Russia, it was determined that the main share in the market of gas cleaning equipment is occupied by electric filters (55%) and mechanical filters (23%), and in the market of water treatment equipment – filter presses (35%), membranes (28%) and block modules (12%). Further analysis showed that domestic equipment has similar technical characteristics to foreign analogues, besides in some cases it has a competitive advantage in price. In addition, the data obtained from Russian manufacturers during the survey indicate a high level of localization of environmental engineering equipment (90%). The above indicates a high potential for the development of the above types of equipment in terms of the formation of the production base. Based on the assessment of the negative impact of various companies on the environment, key industries were identified - air and water pollutants. The inclusion of the ESG agenda in the development programs of companies indicates an increasing interest in this type of equipment on their part. The presence of clear goals to reduce the NWOS at the state level made it possible to calculate the long-term demand for environmental engineering products until 2030. In order to form effective measures, the world experience in the development of production and stimulating demand for environmental engineering products was also analyzed

  • Results

    Following the results of the project, the SBS Consulting team developed a number of proposals to improve the current system of support for Russian environmental engineering enterprises, and also assessed the financial and economic efficiency of the implementation of the proposed support measures that will increase the volume of production and the share of domestic products in the market of environmental engineering equipment