Construction sectoris a backbone of the economy and often used as agovernment instrument in economic development. Most known Russian projects, such as Olympics in Sochi, Shanghai Cooperation Organizaion Summit, Universiade in Kazan are associated with large-scale real estate development.

Development levels in construction industry vary significantly depending on the sub-sector. Thus, technologies and productivity in residential real estate has achieved acceptable levels, which competencies in industrial development are virtually lost due to 20 years of stagnation.

We offer our clients the possibility to develop and implement instruments that would allow getting both the highest quality product from the viewpoint of construction organization and stimulate industry growth, important for the government:

  • Radical renewal of budgeting approach

  • Development of standards for cost estimates at customer level

  • Increased transparency of purchasing procedures

  • Increased accuracy in investment planning and lengthening of planning horizon

  • Set up of hard, but clearrules as for delivering agreed scope of work and meeting deadlines

  • Implementation of quality control instruments

With the increased competition and gradual implementation of measures, described above, construction companies will be forced to build their competencies and reduce costs. In these areas, we offer:

  • Increased accuracy of construction project scheduling

  • Set up of engineering services for development of optimal techonological solution

  • Increase in utilization levels of equipment and personnel

  • Cost optimisation on materials and energy due to improved purchasing processes and better controls

  • Optimization of Finance function, including treasury and debt.

  • Our experience in business process optimization in construction and real estate companies, implementation of innovative instruments of planning, project management, and cost controls may, on one hand, be useful for customers in optimization of costs related to construction projects. On the other, it may be of use for developers to prepare for new challenges and successfully grow.