• Client

    One of the largest federal developers, one of the TOP-5 developers in Russia in terms of current construction volume

  • Background

    The client faced the problem of ineffective management of the construction process. There was an assumption that projects are being completed longer than the optimal time frame. As a part of further scaling up the business, the Client realized the need to create an effective unified construction project management system.
    There was decided to engage a team of consultants to develop a target model for managing construction projects and to test it at a pilot site. The project involved implementation in 4 stages:
    • The diagnostics of the current state,
    • The development and testing of tools,
    • The implementation of tools and monitoring of their effectiveness,
    • The project teams training and monitoring the deployment of tools on a group of pilot sites .

  • Situation

    At the diagnostic stage, the SBS Consulting team carried out a comprehensive analysis of the construction of the pilot facility. It identified opportunities for improving and speeding up the production process, introducing work control tools and collectively solving emerging problems. The expert approach allowed us to develop a comprehensive construction project management system based on the Lean construction methodology and meeting the best world practices in this area


    As a result of the project, the SBS Consulting team formed a target schedule using the pull planning methodology, without the production quality loss. The construction time of a typical building, according to the schedule, was 18 months against the current 24 with the possibility of reaching 16 months with the implementation of additional initiatives developed by the SBS Consulting team.
    The construction process control improved by the introduction of tools for monthly and daily planning and tracking of actually completed work, as well as the integration of a multi-stage reporting system that allows you to assess the status of construction with the reasons for downtime in several sections at the same time.
    To improve the communication of Contractors at the facility a system of operational headquarters was deployed to quickly resolve emerging problems. There also were held the training sessions with representatives of project teams from other facilities of the Client.
    The optimized working day schedules were developed, as well as a multi-level meeting system as part of the analysis of the work of the management unit and the Client's engineering and technical staff. Each meeting has a written agenda and serves to achieve optimal awareness of the construction process of each employee involved within his authority.
    The SBS Consulting team has also developed an electronic instruction manual for scaling, implementing, and using all the tools it has implemented