Ensuring the effectiveness of all the main and auxiliary processes is a necessary factor for a successful functioning of a company in the long term. In the current situation, operational efficiency means not just choosing the most efficient methods of production and labor organization, but also maximum compliance with the requirements of flexibility and sustainability. Operational efficiency can be improved both in relation to individual functions and the company as a whole – when a consultant supports the transformation of an organization based on lean manufacturing.

Examples of projects we work on:

  • Development of a functional strategy

    Within the framework of a functional strategy (for example, procurement or distribution), an analysis of the effectiveness of individual procedures, the results of interaction with external contractors, the best Russian and international practices of organizing the function is carried out. Based on the analysis, recommendations are made to improve the process both in terms of interaction with external counterparties and improving the efficiency of individual operations. If necessary, appropriate regulatory documents are developed, a plan for implementing changes and support for their implementation is provided.

  • Processes optimization based on big data analysis

    As part of process optimization based on big data, we collect primary information in order to analyze the effectiveness of implementation of the processes, build a model and perform optimization calculations to improve the efficiency of the processes. Based on the results of the calculations, we hold appropriate meetings with the management of the organization, form a roadmap of changes and, if necessary, accompany changes in the processes.

  • Introduction of lean manufacturing

    Within the framework of lean production, we create procedures that help employees switch to new mechanisms for analyzing their effectiveness, create an IT infrastructure for the exchange of experience, initiation and implementation of optimization projects, and conduct the necessary training of employees. If necessary, we help to form a package of innovation proposals and provide support for their implementation.