• Client

    A major player in the office finishing market

  • Background

    Significant delays in the completion of finishing works, low level of controllability of construction processes, excess of actual expenses for finishing works over planned indicators

  • Situation

    With the help of tools for monitoring the work of teams (interval, FRD), conducting interviews with representatives of the Client, a primary information base was collected. Based on the results of the analysis, “bottlenecks” were identified in the planning processes (lack of weekly-daily tasks, lack of linkage with the directive schedule), supply (a large number of SKUs, a complex approval process), payment and motivation systems (lack of linking the payment system with quantitative indicators of the efficiency of utilization )


    Recommendations were made to improve the systems of planning, optimization, control and reporting, management of auxiliary processes, motivation and KPIs, recommendations for improving the organizational structure. A roadmap was drawn up, the implementation timeline, complexity and potential economic effect of initiatives were assessed