Our Company attracts ambitious, talented employees focused on achieving high-quality results. A wide range of industrial and functional practices allows candidates to choose a profile direction of development and improve their competencies by solving diverse and complex tasks.

The atmosphere of a bright and friendly team makes it possible to reveal not only professional, but also creative abilities. We offer each employee the opportunity to participate in the development of the company equally with partners and management. The presentation "Why SBS?" details the features of our corporate culture and advantages.

The advantages of working at SBS Consulting include:

  • Complex and interesting projects

    We implement complex projects for the largest Russian companies and offer unique solutions that bring real benefits to our Clients

  • Working in a team of experts

    We actively involve industry and functional experts to work on projects, as well as develop our own knowledge and competencies

  • Compensation package

    The compensation package includes reimbursement of medical and fitness expenses, compensation for mobile communications, payment for training programs and participation in conferences

  • Training system

    The company's training system is aimed at developing analysts' key skills for working in business and consulting, expanding horizons and gaining expertise for consultants, developing managerial competencies and effective communication skills with the client for managers

  • Constant Feedback

    In addition to regular feedback from the project manager, we conduct job satisfaction surveys, and also use an annual certification system to provide a comprehensive assessment of strengths and weaknesses

Each employee receives feedback from the manager upon completion of the project to understand their growth areas and strengthen the necessary competencies. We use the system of annual attestations to provide a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the employee, the formation of his development plan and career advancement. To understand and adjust the atmosphere on the project and in the company, we conduct monthly job satisfaction surveys and an annual survey on corporate culture