At present, increasing the operational efficiency of housing and communal enterprises (heat and electricity, water supply and sanitation, integrated management of municipal solid waste (MSW)) is becoming urgent due to a reduction in budget sources of financing and restrictions on tariff increases. The relevance of attracting extrabudgetary funding in the housing sector is defined in the Main directions of the Government for the period up to 2024 in the task of attracting non-state non-tariff sources of investment in the sphere of activity of natural monopolies in the housing sector - chapter 3.1. "Improving the activities of natural monopolies."

We have gained practical experience in implementing projects to increase the operational efficiency of enterprises engaged in natural monopoly activities, and to develop regulatory and strategic documents aimed at attracting private financing for the modernization of housing and communal services infrastructure. The necessary steps for creating conditions for the development of the public utilities sector are:

  • Calculation of the need for the development and modernization of communal infrastructure by types of resources, depending on the prospective development of the territory, forecast of demand from industry

  • Development of regional (and municipal) state programs in the field of development (modernization) of the resource supply infrastructure, energy efficiency and energy saving and integrated management of MSW

  • Synchronization of strategic documents for the development of resource-supplying organizations in order to optimize technical solutions laid down in investment programs

The managers and experts of SBS Consulting have significant experience in implementing projects for the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, constituent entities of the Russian Federation and resource supplying organizations, as well as practical experience in managing resource supplying organizations, which allowed us to form in-depth expertise in:

  • Development of regional state programs in the field of development of communal infrastructure and energy conservation and energy efficiency

  • Development of a feasibility study for the selection of technical solutions for inclusion in investment programs

  • Development and implementation of programs to increase the operational efficiency of resource-supplying organizations

  • Interactions with development institutions financing projects in the field of resource supply and integrated MSW management

  • Audit and justification of tariff cases of regulated organizations within the framework of long-term regulatory parameters