Welcome to the Alumni SBS Consulting Club!

The majority of SBS Consulting graduates today hold leadership positions in companies operating in the leading sectors of the Russian and global economy, government authorities and development institutions. At one time, together with them, we completed hundreds of consulting projects, produced thousands of slides, hosted tens thousands of interviews, business meetings and brainstorming sessions. We are, without exaggeration, proud of each of our graduates, we remember our former colleagues, their achievements and contribution to the development of SBS Consulting.

Members of Club Alumni SBS Consulting can become employees who have worked in the company for more than one year and have terminated employment relations at their own request.

Stay with SBS Consulting even after leaving the company and share your successes and ideas!


Interview with Dmitry Zaitsev, Project Manager of ZashchitaInfoTrans

Alumni SBS Consulting Dmitry Zaitsev spoke about a wide range of projects on the professional path in SBS Consulting and the opportunity to look at many industries from the inside, noting that with each project the responsibility and the pool of tasks grew, competencies were strengthened, key skills necessary for building a career and a cool SBS team with which nothing is impossible.

Interview with Pavel Merzlyakov «Volkswagen Group Russia» Head of Corporate Strategy

Alumni SBS Consulting Pavel Merzlyakov noted that the corporate culture of SBS Consulting is manifested in partnership, teamwork, drive and the desire of the entire team within the framework of strategic projects to help clients solve their business problems and that it was this combination that created the foundation for the further development of his career.

Interview with Alexey Dolgov, Head of the Department for Operational Efficiency Projects of the State Corporation “Roscosmos”

Alumni SBS Consulting Alexey Dolgov described his professional path in detail and highlighted the essential criteria for the success of work in consulting.

Interview with Alumni SBS Consulting, Ernst & Young Project Manager Ekaterina Glazova

Alumni SBS Consulting Ekaterina Glazova, Project Manager of Ernst & Young retail practice, said that SBS Consulting has become a growth point in her career and an important stage of her professional path in consulting, and also noted that SBS is a team where people trust each other and people are confident in the team.