Results of the study of the best ESG practices of Russian regions

The ESG agenda is actively developing at the level of Russian regions, but the level of involvement of subjects in the agenda remains heterogeneous. In most regions, there is still no key document defining long-term sustainable development goals - the ESG transformation strategy. Nevertheless, the subjects take various measures to preserve the environment, ensure social protection and improve the quality of public administration.

Plogging races, the creation of a green city, youth innovation creativity centers, social entrepreneurship schools, a "green corridor" for investors, analytics on the potential of various market niches for SMEs and other initiatives by regional authorities make an invaluable contribution to the sustainable development of our country.

You can learn more about the best regional ESG practices from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin in our study.
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Client-centricity in Russian companies

The study analyzes cases of effective customer-centric practices for such Russian companies as Sberbank, Severstal, X5 Group, VTB, Tele2.
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The role of Russian universities in the innovation cycle

Russia's investments in R&D amount to 1.1% of GDP, which is 3 times lower than in the United States in percentage terms and in monetary terms, when compared with the values of the leading countries in innovation. In Russia, the main demand for innovation is provided by the state, while in the leading countries - from the corporate sector due to the differences in business conditions. In Russia, the final stage of R&D is the least effective: in terms of the number of patented industrial designs. There is a low share of Russian venture investments in seed stages of companies and startups.
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On the problems of the development of Russian pharmaceuticals in the context of sanctions

Despite the decrease in import dependence on the pharmaceutical market (estimated to be up to 65% of the share of imports in monetary terms) and the achievement of positive results in the implementation of the pharmaceutical industry development strategy, foreign sanctions have an impact on meeting the needs of the Russian pharmaceutical market. Follow the link to download the research in Russian.

How carbon markets work

On September 1, the so-called “Sakhalin experiment” officially starts - the first regional emissions trading system in Russia (according to the Federal Law of March 6, 2022 No. 34-FZ). For this event, SBS Consulting experts prepared an analytical material on carbon markets. This study provides a general outline of carbon markets, describes what regulated and voluntary carbon markets are, provides a comparative analysis for the regulated systems of the EU, China and Kazakhstan, and describes the operation of the cap-and-trade system on Sakhalin.
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Assessing the Impact of Sanctions on Russian Exports in 2022 (Part 2)

As part of the study of the export potential of Russian products, the SBS Consulting team updated the next review of Russian exports, taking into account new sanctions packages (6 and 7).
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On the problems of SME development in Russia

The lack of available funding today is a key limitation for the creation of new and development of existing industries. Without solving this problem, any government initiatives to determine industry priorities, subsidize R&D costs, and even reduce administrative barriers are not able to bring the level of entrepreneurship development to a qualitatively different level.
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Prospects for the development of the financial services sector of the Russian Federation

The financial services industry is increasingly focused on innovation and technology. Existing trends and customer preferences signal the need for maximum integration of financial technologies into traditional banking. The development of fintech in the Russian Federation can serve as an excellent way not only to make itself known on the “world stage”, but also to reduce the sanctions burden on the banking sector of our country. As part of the study conducted by SBS Consulting, you will be able to see a brief overview of the Russian banking system, study the trends existing in the financial services market, and also get information about what exactly is meant by such a word as “fintech” and what interesting projects are currently on the market.
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Findings from China's Green Agenda Study

The problem of climate change is one of the key issues on the global agenda. At the same time, China is the main emitter of greenhouse gases, which is why special attention is focused on its climate activities. Our team wondered what results the eastern neighbor can boast of in its green agenda? In this study, you will find the main analytics on China's energy mix and investments in energy capacities, the country's goals and objectives in the field of decarbonization of the economy, an assessment of the achievement of KPI, a description of national ESG tools, and an analysis of the activities of key companies in the energy and industrial sectors on their way to achieving carbon neutrality.
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Anti-crisis measures of the Government of the Russian Federation

Many people turn to us with a request to comment on the logic of the anti-crisis policy. In this regard, we have prepared a short note describing the logic of steps and developed recommendations for regional administrations.

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The principles of the new economic policy

The SBS Consulting team prepared its monetary policy proposals back in 2021. Unfortunately, they were not implemented. However, some of the recommendations are still valid. Therefore, it is interesting to look at them not from the point of view of the implementation of anti-crisis steps, but from the point of view of the formation of monetary policy in the long term.
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Assessment of the impact of sanctions on Russian exports in 2022

As part of the study of the export potential of Russian products, SBS Consulting publishes another review of Russian exports.

At the end of 2021, the total volume of exports of goods from Russia increased by 46% to $492 billion, which indicates a recovery in exports after a fall in 2020 due to the pandemic. At the same time, the introduced internal restrictions and external sanctions on the export of certain Russian goods will have an impact on the realization of the export potential of the Russian economy in 2022. The SBS Consulting team assessed the effect of restrictions and predicted the volume of Russian exports in 2022.

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Key Performance Indicators: Modern Approaches and the ESG Agenda

In the study, the SBS Consulting team assessed the level of compliance of the sets of performance indicators declared by public companies in their annual reports with modern approaches to the development of KPI systems and the principles of reporting according to ESG standards.

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Organizational Structures

In the "Organizational Structures" study, the SBS Consulting team determined that contrary to popular belief that matrix structures are considered the most progressive and advanced, there are many examples of successful application of functional and divisional organizational structures. The choice of the most effective organizational structure depends on the strategy and mission of the company.

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Analysis of the world and Russian market for the production of meat from vegetable proteins

In the final part of the study, SBS Consulting experts analyze the global and Russian market for meat production made of vegetable proteins. The section contains not only a description of the largest market suppliers and their product offer, but also a comparison of various technologies for the production of "alternative" meat.

FoodNet: trends and barriers to development

The fourth section of the research presents an even deeper analysis of the Russian FoodNet market. This part of the research contains a description of the main market trends – short-term, medium-term and long-term, and decomposes the existing market problems in Russia into systemic, regulatory, infrastructural, technological, and educational.

FoodNet: the main directions of the food industry 4.0

The third section of the research is devoted to the formalization of the main directions of FoodNet – the Russian concept of "food industry 4.0", as well as the description of the development, creation and implementation of relevant products and technologies by Russian companies.

State policy on the development of Universities in 2018-2022

As part of the study, an overview of the education system in Russia was conducted, the national project "Science and Universities" was studied, metrics for increasing the competitiveness of universities, measures to improve infrastructure, and the development of human resources were analyzed.
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Corporate Strategies

In the review study "Corporate Strategies", the SBS Consulting team analyzed information about the strategies of large public international companies.

The following conclusions were drawn: companies do not disclose their strategies due to the sensitivity of the information contained in them. Nevertheless, some elements of the strategies are fully disclosed by all companies in their annual reports in accordance with the requirements of regulators, while others are disclosed to varying degrees to demonstrate openness and transparency for society and predictability for investors. As for strategic goals, the vast majority of companies declare their focus on the growth of financial performance.

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FoodTech Market in Russia

The second part of the research presents the current state of the FoodTech market in Russia. The most developed segments in the country are described, the analysis of the activity of market leaders is carried out and the main features of the Russian FoodTech market are revealed.