Russian Ministry of Energy


    Current state policy in energy effectiveness area was not successful enough andin Oct 2012 Russian Ministry of Energy asked SBS Consulting for development of the feasible program with planning horizon of 2020.


    Within first stage SBS Consulting analyzed technical modernization measures, regulation mechanisms, and KPIs presented in government program. The main problems of current state policy were the following: regulatory measures did not consider specific character of proposed technical measures, KPIs did not adequately monitor performance of state policy. Next, SBS Consulting conducted analysis of energy consumption structure and energy savings potential alongside the whole energy value chain in Russia – from extraction industries and electricity generation to housing and public utilities, from monopolized railway sector to motorized transport. Jointly with leading global strategy consulting firm SBS Consulting carried out an analysis of international practices of state regulation in energy efficiency area. Here, project team investigated examples of best practices, such as voluntary labelling system and stiffening of technical standards in Japan, or the case of Norway where APG utilization rate achieved 98%. Following those findings we developed a list of government policies for certain economy sectors, defined investment demand and sources of funding.


    Client obtained clear view on distribution of energy saving potential across the value chain and broad base of knowledge of international best practices of mechanisms of government regulation. Subsequently, government regulation measures were adjusted and prioritized in accordance with international experience and local specifics. In addition, energy efficiency performance monitoring system and information system have been developed.