• Client

    Russian machine-building enterprise

  • Background

    Failure to meet the target values of the current strategy, the recently decline in profitability observed, along with a high share of anchor customers and a narrow market of presence, made it necessary to develop a new development strategy .

  • Situation

    The SBS Consulting team solved the problems of developing a strategy for the development of a machine-building enterprise. The project perimeter included an analysis of the internal and external environment of the enterprise to determine strategic development hypotheses, the development of strategic alternatives, their assessment of investment attractiveness, a strategic planning session, the development of a development strategy implementation program, the definition of target KPIs, and the construction of a financial and economic model for the selected alternative


    As a result of the project, the SBS Consulting team developed a product concept for the development of a machine-building enterprise, built a financial and economic model of the target strategic alternative, formed roadmaps for the implementation of the product concept, developed a risk management plan to increase resilience to changes in environmental factors, developed recommendations for the development of coordinated work of functions, strengthening the management system and developing management competencies