• Client

    Industrial Project Management Center

  • Background

    Currently, the Russian Federation is implementing a set of measures to develop a highly productive export-oriented sector, including, among other things, work to identify new promising supply markets and maintain existing trade and economic relations. The rapid growth of consumption in African countries makes it necessary to expand the horizons of Russian-African economic cooperation. As part of the development of Russian-African trade and economic relations, an increase in the number of joint mutually beneficial projects in the field of energy, agriculture, subsoil use, infrastructure development and high technologies is predicted. However, the presence of a complex of problems at each of the stages of creating the value of products (R & D, production, supply of raw materials, marketing and promotion), which impede the dynamic development of exports of Russian industrial products

  • Situation

    The SBS Consulting team provided expert and analytical materials on the status and prospects for increasing the export of Russian industrial products to African countries: an analysis of the economies and foreign trade of African countries was carried out, then a methodology for prioritizing countries was developed, according to which African countries were assigned the status of 1st or 2nd priority for increasing the export of Russian industrial products. Countries of the 1st priority - countries with the largest markets and favorable relations with Russia, through which it is possible to increase exports to neighboring markets or localize production. Countries of the 2nd priority - countries with fairly large markets and fairly close relations with Russia, promising to increase exports through driver countries


    Expert-analytical materials have been developed, including the economic profile of promising African countries of the 1st and 2nd priority for increasing the export of Russian industrial products. Competitive product groups have been selected: in accordance with the development priorities of African countries, demand for products of the chemical, pharmaceutical industries, electric power, heavy and agricultural engineering, as well as road construction equipment will increase in the long term. Support measures have been formulated to increase exports of products of competitive commodity groups to African countries of the 1st and 2nd priority