• Client

    Ecotechnologies, LLC

  • Background

    Nowadays to attract external investments, a company requires careful preparation: a presentation of a project that can immediately interest a potential investor; a detailed business plan covering all key aspects of the investment project; financial and economic model that allows you to assess the commercial efficiency of the project and its sensitivity to changes in internal and external factors Preparation of all the necessary list leads to the diversion of the company's resources from the main activity, and also requires appropriate experience. In this regard, the involvement of professional consultants not only saves the internal resources of the company, but also significantly increases the likelihood of successful investment attraction

  • Situation

    The SBS Consulting team solved the following tasks:
    • Conducting marketing research in the project field;
    • Analysis of state policy and legislative regulation in the project field;
    • Preparation of a pitch presentation for potential investors;
    • Development of a detailed business plan for the project;
    • Preparation of the financial and economic model of the project


    As part of the project, the SBS Consulting team prepared the following materials:
    • The presentation for potential investors, revealing key information about the initiating company, based on the main market of the project, including the specifics of legislative regulation, the competitive environment and development trends, as well as the specifics of the project;
    • A business plan that describes in detail the business model of the project, external and internal factors for the functioning of the project;
    • Financial model for the analysis of indicators of the commercial efficiency of the project