• Client

    The Ministry of Industry and Trade

  • Background

    Nowadays technologies determine the competitiveness of the country's production capacities both in the domestic and foreign markets, determining the strategic importance of their development. Additive technologies (AT) and the industrial Internet of things (IoT) are examples of the latest technologies that have rapidly developed in the global market and are rethinking traditional production ideas. It’s development is vital for maintaining competitiveness in the near future, which provides the necessity of the current state and support of these areas in Russia detailed study.

  • Situation

    The SBS Consulting team solved the following tasks:
    • the main types of AT and IoT analysis
    • the experience of using and current trends in the development of AT and IoT in Russia and worldwide analysis
    • the dynamics of AT and IoT development in the Russian market and worldwide analysis
    • the practices of using AT and IoT in Russia and abroad, as well as the development experience study in world leading countries analysis
    • the main barriers hindering the development of AT and IoT in Russia analysis


    The SBS Consulting team carried out a comprehensive study of the AT and IoT markets in Russia and abroad based on the world's leading research agencies data, as well as key manufacturers and consumers from various industries surveys. As a result, an assessment of the capacity of the AT and IoT markets has been made, their current level of implementation in Russia, and development trends have been described, as well as key development barriers have been identified and a list of recommendations for their elimination has been prepared, considering the best world practices