A major grocery retailer in Russia


    Creation of a franchise store development strategy in order to: (1) increase market share, (2) achieve large net sales and EBITDA of the chain.


    The SBS Consulting team was invited to assess the situation and develop a single strategic document for the retail chain. The main tasks for SBS Consulting experts were: assessment of the market of potential franchisees in Russia, the potential to enter the markets of other countries, conducting an independent analysis of the current state of the company in the direction of the franchise; formation of targets for the development of the franchise (strategic, operational, financial) for the retail network; development of scenarios to achieve the set strategic goals (by number of stores, regions, formats) and elaboration of changes in the organizational structure.


    A draft Franchise Strategy for the retail chain has been developed, an assessment of potential markets in Russia and CIS countries has been carried out, options for achieving the strategic goal of the franchise have been worked out, including the pace of store openings and their sources.