• Client

    Chuvash Republic Cabinet Ministers

  • Background

    Chuvash Republic entered top ten Russian regions with the lowest socio-economic welfare, that caused the need for a comprehensive solution in the mid-term planning horizon. Key Chuvash Republic socio-economic issues changes and the well-being, quality and standard of living of its population increasing became essential.

  • Situation

    SBS Consulting team (Moscow) in collaboration with the International Center for Regional Development prepared summary report, characterizing the economic and social potential of the Chuvash Republic, identifying external and internal factors that ensures sustainable development and competitiveness of the Republic, and prepared a comprehensive program for the socio-economic development of the Chuvash Republic, including municipal section (identification of problems and possible ways to solve them at the level of municipalities) and a Schedule (roadmap) for the implementation of the Program based on the socio-economic situation in Chuvash Republic data collection and analysis

  • Results

    A comprehensive program of socio-economic development of the Chuvash Republic, with the definition of the main activities and activities in the sectoral and municipal context and the Schedule (road map) for the implementation of the Program of socio-economic development of the Chuvash Republic have been developed.
    The draft Program based on the results of the development has been agreed with regional and municipal executive authorities. The final version of the Program has been adopted in July 2020 during the expanded meeting of the Supreme Economic Council of the Chuvash Republic included deputy ministers of federal ministries and other representatives of federal executive bodies.