• Client


  • Background

    The client's company interested in entering the markets of medium and low-tonnage chemicals through investment projects for the chemicals production implementation but did not have the opportunity to evaluate all existing projects and select the most priority ones systematically. The client tasked SBS Consulting to develop a methodology for evaluating projects and identifying the most promising from them .

  • Situation

    During the project, SBS Consulting carried out a deep segment-by-segment analysis of the chemical market highlighting key challenges, restrictions and barriers of the chemistry development in Russia. Experts developed a methodology and selected projects considering the commercial potential of projects in the Russian market maximization. The experience of the development of the chemical industry in Russia and the world was analyzed. It became the basis for proposals to update the existing measures of state support for the chemical industry


    SBS Consulting team analyzed, evaluated, and selected the most promising investment projects, compiled a final list of projects recommended for investment. Expert proposals aimed to improve the existing set of state support measures for the chemical industry have been prepared