• Client

    Technological Development Agency

  • Background

    The agency carried out work to expand the "Catalog of technologies" and it was interested in replenishing the catalog with modern foreign technologies for the production of mining equipment including their further localization in Russia with the participation of domestic companies in the machine-building sector.
    The Agency for Technological Development faced with the problem of finding and evaluating promising technologies for the production of equipment for the mining industry. The Agency requested SBS Consulting, a company with deep expertise in mechanical engineering, to conduct a selection of foreign mining equipment technologies and to attract foreign companies to localize production in cooperation with Russian enterprises .

  • Situation

    ЗSBS Consulting experts conducted a deep segment-by-segment analysis of the mining equipment market in Russia and held dozens of negotiations with foreign and domestic manufacturers about the possibilities of localizing foreign technologies in Russia


    Roadmaps for the localization of mining equipment production have been developed for 11 promising foreign technologies in cooperation with 5 large machine-building enterprises in Russia