• Client

    Rusnano Group

  • Background

    Since 2010 the global lithium-ion battery market has grown rapidly with an annual 26% growth rate. The rapid development of the lithium-ion energy storage systems market in the world is expected during 2020-2030. In order to ensure the technological security and competitiveness of the key sectors of the consumption of lithium-ion batteries, all developed countries support large projects for the development of their own production of lithium-ion batteries. Russia is at the initial stage of lithium-ion batteries production development. The production competencies development of lithium-ion batteries needs comprehensive government support.

  • Situation

    The SBS Consulting team formed and presented a draft Strategy which consists a strategic vision for the development of lithium-ion energy storage systems in Russia, carrying out:
    • Energy storage systems production development for the main stages of the value chain industrial policy international experience analysis;
    •The current state of the energy storage systems industry in Russia at all stages of the value chain analysis;
    • Survey of key Russian manufacturers and consumers of the lithium-ion storage systems industry;
    • Priority markets and product niches for Russian manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries identification;
    • Determination of priority directions of state regulation and methods of effective goals achievement and solving problems of energy storage systems industry production development

  • Results

    Based on the current state of the industry and an assessment of the prospects for its development in Russia, the potential of using lithium-ion storage systems in key market segments, specifically, the segments of electric transport and energy, have been identified and substantiated. According to SBS Consulting, the development of electric transport production will ensure the consumption of lithium-ion batteries in the amount of 41.5 GWh per hour in 2021–2030-year period, the most part of which will be directed to batteries for electric buses (if demand for this type of transport is stimulated). Considering the expert forecast of Russian consumption and lithium-ion energy storage systems until 2030 production, measures of state support for the industry at all stages of the value chain, taking into account international experience and Russian specifics proposals have been developed