• Client

    The Ministry of Industry and Trade

  • Background

    Russian customers attract foreign licensors and EPC contractors for most projects in oil refining, petrochemicals, processing and liquefaction of natural gas, that causes necessity to develop stimulating the participation measures for Russian machine builders in projects implementing using foreign technologies and with the involvement of foreign engineering companies in order to increase domestic oil and gas equipment in projects share relative to the current value of 40%.

  • Situation

    The SBS Consulting team carried out a comprehensive analysis of the Russian oil and gas equipment market during the project:
    • A list of projects implemented by Russian oil and gas companies in 2015–2020 and forthcoming until 2030 have been compiled, indicating investments, status and participants (licensors, EPC contractors, equipment suppliers)
    • The demand for oil and gas equipment until 2030 was calculated, broken down by product groups (static and dynamic equipment, instrumentation, process control systems and materials)
    •The supplier accreditation procedure with a detailed description of the main stages and identified the main criteria and barriers for the qualification of Russian machine builders by foreign licensors and EPC contractors was analyzed
    • A survey of a wide list of Russian oil and gas equipment producers has been carried out to determine the qualification barriers
    •A survey of the Russian oil and gas equipment market leaders have been conducted to identify their current competencies and determine the potential of import substitution
    •The factors contributing to increasing the share of Russian equipment in oil and gas projects has been identified


    SBS Consulting team has inventoried more than 50 projects of Russian oil and gas companies, which for the processing of oil and gas until 2030. The total investment will amount to 4.5 trillion RUB. A list of key Russian and foreign licensors and EPC contractors has been identified, and the current share of Russian oil and gas equipment in oil and gas processing projects has been calculated and the potential for its growth has been identified, the main barriers to qualification of machine builders has been identified. The result of the work was the proposals development for the establishment of the Institute for Standardization and Financial Support Measures to promote the growth of producers of oil and gas equipment domestic market share in Russia