• Client

    The Ministry of Industry and Trade

  • Background

    IIn recent decades the Russian equipment for handling non-metallic products industry is lagging the leading countries. Domestic machinery is characterized by low-level processing infrastructure and automating, which makes it difficult to compete with high-tech foreign counterparts on the Russian market. import dependence level is about 94% (the non-metallic equipment average segments). Beside that the R&D low investment in industry, the domestic component low level base, the high consumption of fixed capital, and the sheer lack of qualified human resources is acute. SBS Consulting was tasked to develop the effective developing industry instruments and to create the enabling environment for Russian handling non-metallic products productive developers

  • Solution

    The project was executed in four phases. In the first phase the treatment of non-metallic products technological process has been analyzed, the technological maps of liability limits with specified equipment for each processing phase have been developed. In the second phase experts made an international practice research. During the research SBS Consulting specialists analyzed current worldwide industry State situation, the industry developing models have been allocated and the international companies and countries-developers key success factors have been defined. In the third phase the Russian market and equipment for handling non-metallic products industry have been analyzed, the national producer register has been made, the Russian equipment competitiveness have been evaluated, the key barriers for industry developing have been identified, and the effectiveness of current State support measures have been analyzed. It the fourth phase the new developing industry instruments suggestions, based on the previous analysis, have been proposed and the ways of improving existing supporting measures, based on the related KPI, have been developed. The road map have been formed for each of the measure and the cost-effectiveness have been calculated, the production value have been estimated

  • Results

    The set of proposals, suggested by SBS Consulting, realization could help to increase the manufacture volumes and the domestic equipment share on the Russian market in vision 2025. Also, the supporting measures implementation will intensify the domestic demand on the local products