Big Grocery Retailer in Russia


    The client was completing the CVP implementation cycle, so there was a need to know the results of the implementation, what was successfully implemented, what the client should pay attention to when upgrading the next CVP cycle. The task was also to identify further steps to update the CVP of the next cycle


    The project involved the collection and analysis of materials from the client on all CVP units and the verification of the received data with representatives of different functions; the identification of perceived risks and opportunities in the development of the next CVP cycle, as well as highlighting market trends and changes in the company that need to be taken into account when preparing the next CVP cycle


    A plan for the CVP of the committee and a consolidated presentation have been prepared, including an analysis and conclusions of the work on each CVP block, as well as a list and expected content of future workshops needed to update the CVP for the next cycle. The exercise identified key successes and areas for future development and improvement