• Client

    Russian oil company

  • Background

    The Company decided to centralize power systems management, create a digital twin of the power system, and implement a new IT management solution as their «Exploration and Production» block grew. One of the directions of work was to form target business processes for power systems management and the formation of an organizational structure. Before launching a long-term large project, the Company's management decided to conduct a pilot development of three business processes within 1.5-2 months .

  • Situation

    During the pilot project, the SBS Consulting team held a series of meetings with members of the Customer's working group, studied regulatory documents, and analyzed various parameters that characterize the effectiveness of the selected processes. The consultants developed models of current business processes in ARIS software, identified inefficiencies and formed recommendations for current business processes changes. At the final stage of the project, target business processes were developed and coordinated with the representatives of the Customer


    As a result of the project, the SBS Consulting team formed a comprehensive documentation on target business processes concerning standards for processes, schemes for their implementation, measures for implementation. For one of the processes additional recommendations concerning new reporting forms and a template for several forms have been developed