• Client

    Mining company

  • Background

    Due to the absence of a centralized automated accounting for management reporting, caused by assets being spread across regions, and the lack of a single source of information on Group’s performance indicators for prompt submission to the Company’s management, the President of the Company adopted a decision to implement management control system and establish the responsible structural unit. Implementation of the management control system involved 2 stages: methodology development and automatization. SBS Consulting’s team was tasked with the first stage of the project.

  • Solution

    At the stage of developing methodology for launching the management control system, SBS Consulting’s team conducted an independent analysis of the best practices for the implementation of the management control system; developed an integrated map, a business process for information collection, a matrix of personnel responsible for providing information regarding performance indicators and got approvals for them from each of the Client’s functional divisions; developed layouts for the future executives’ dashboards.

  • Results

    By the end of the project SBS consulting’s team developed an integrated (comprehensive) map of the management control system’s performance indicators for each area of business activity of the Company, which included a list of indicators, their functional classification and decomposition across all levels of management (750 indicators). During the project, the team designed a business process for information collection and identified sources, personnel responsible and time limits for information provision. In order to launch the management control system, the following internal documents were prepared: statement of work for automatization of management control system (the core document, to be used by IT contractor), including layouts for dashboards (around 80 dashboards, 30 users); structure of the database; forms for manual data entry; provision on the Controlling Group; roadmap for the implementation of the management control system; algorithms for analyzing and forecasting key indicators.