• Client

    Multilateral Development Bank

  • Background

    The end of the previous strategic period, as well as changes in the external environment made the Chairman of the Management Board to develop a new Strategy for the organization for the next five-year period .

  • Situation

    The SBS Consulting team was invited to prepare a package of strategic documents for the next five-year period. The main tasks for the experts of the company were: conducting independent diagnostics of the state and results of the Bank's activity; analysis of the competitive environment, namely, priorities, tools and performance of other multilateral and national development banks; development of strategic development alternatives and approval of the general concept at the strategic session; development of a financial model; formation of the Draft Strategy, including updated operating, product and organizational models, as well as preparation of country strategies


    As part of the project, the SBS Consulting team developed a Draft Bank Development Strategy for the next five-year period with a detailed action plan, prepared a financial model that allows forecasting and tracking key financial indicators throughout the strategic period, developed country strategies aimed at localizing the Bank's overall strategy for each of the participating countries, as well as a methodology for the formation of country strategies